"Airtranss" provides air, rail and road freight shipments. Air freight -is the main activity of our company.
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The "AirTranss"  company offers services of  the  freight forwarding by river transportation  along the Krasnoyarsk-Igarka-Dudinka-Norilsk route (Norilsk Industrial Region).


We carry out transportation of all kinds of freight: consumer goods, motor transport, food stuffs (temperature mode), building materials, metalwork and saw-timbers.


The list of rendered services includes:

- meeting and reception of freights arriving to Krasnoyarsk (by air, railways and motor transport),

- processing and transfer to the river transport,

- meeting in the port of Dudinka,

- output  of freight in  a warehouse in Norilsk or its delivery to the recipient to the specified address.


We carry out the formation of combined containers (small consignments of goods for several recipients) with the subsequent deconsolidation of freight in  a warehouse in Norilsk and delivery to the "door" of the recipient.