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Rail transport

Railway networks are the most developed in Russia. Besides this, railway containers are the most convenient and reliable mode of delivery of freights.


The Airtranss company organizes the freight transportation by railway containers.


Using a container cargo transportation, it is possible to transport practically everything: piece, loose (free-running) and liquid goods (in special tares), as well as the freights demanding special conditions of transportation. For each type of cargo (it may be dangerous, and perishable, and oversized) there is a special container, for example: ref-container, tank container, and also universal containers. Convenience of containers usage  is caused by the ample opportunities to vary the loading capacity and size of transported freight; it’s an indisputable convenience in logistics. As a result, all this saves time and money of clients.


For convenience we offer clients:


- Delivery of container in Moscow and the Moscow region.

- Cargo transportation in absence of the Customer in  Moscow.

- Demands acceptance for freight delivery in containers on festive and the days off.

- Fast sending containers from departure station.

- Dispatching maintenance of freights.

- Optimum tariffs for container transportations with high quality providing. Our tariff includes delivery  of the empty container to the Customer  warehouse within the city, preparation and registration of transportation railway consignment notes, container sealing, and the  railway transportation payment.