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Refrigerated transport

Refrigerated transport

Refrigerated transportation in Moscow - is the perfect way to transport perishable goods as well as goods requiring temperature control.

“Air Transs” organizes refrigerated transport and provides a full range of services:

· Organization of domestic shipment.

· Delivery of the goods from the warehouse to the airport.

· Door to door delivery.

· Cargo insurance.

· Freight forwarding.

· Monitoring of the cargo.

· Temperature control (-10/+10 °C).

Refrigerated logistics

Refrigerator - a vehicle equipped with a refrigeration unit that serves for transportation and short-term preservation of food, drugs artificially cooled in certain temperatures. Also, the concept applies to refrigerated railcar, ship, container, etc., equipped with refrigeration units and designed to transport food and perishables.

"AirTranss" organizes refrigerated transportation respecting all international standards. Transport with refrigerators has all required documents and every driver has all necessary medical documents and permissions.

Perishables logistics

Each kind of product which is transported by refrigerator requires specific temperature. "AirTranss" provides transportation at temperature -10 / +10 °C for the following products:

• food: fresh meat, chilled meat, fresh fish, frozen fish, deep-frozen meat, meat products, frozen vegetables and fruits, ice cream, semi-finished products.

• medicines, vaccines.

• flowers.

• cosmetics and other.

Refrigerator trucking

Our company pays special attention to this sphere and takes care about the quality of cargo transportation and the timing of delivery. Our experts develop the optimal logistics rout or send your goods out of the lineup if the timing of refrigerated transport ends.

"AirTranss" provide high-quality and fast shipment by modern and technological vehicles!