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Customs clearance

"AirTranss" offers a complex of services in customs registration of the freights which are the objects of a customs procedure:

- release for internal consumption (import),

- export,

- temporary import (admission),

- temporary export.

Our Services:

- consultations on conditions of customs operations, customs procedures;

- calculation of customs payments;

- formation of a set of the documents confirming data declared in the cargo customs declaration;

- classification of goods according to the nomenclature of the Customs Union;

- filling and registration of cargo customs declaration (CCD) in customs authorities;

- customs registration of import and export production;

- delivery “door- to-door”;

- certification;

- registration of the goods moved by individuals for private use through customs limit of the Customs Union;

- electronic declaring;

- receiving DS (digital signature) in a usual mode (within two weeks) or in the accelerated mode (within four hours).

Our experts have a wide experience in the field of customs cleaning of freight. There is a branch of our company in the Sheremetyevo airport which considerably facilitates and accelerates the process. Operating with "AirTranss", you will save your time and receive quality service at the optimum price.

Letter sample for registration of foreign trade activities in Sheremetyevo customs with the list of documents

Excerpts from the Agreement on an order of movement by individuals of goods for private use through customs limit of the Customs Union

International Air transportation

We carry out air transportation of freights in the directions:

- Africa,

- Asian-Pacific Region,

- Europe, Central Asia,

- North America,

- South America,

- Central America.

"AirTranss" is the agent of JSC "Aeroflot". It allows to offer you competitive tariffs on air transportation of freights in above-mentioned directions.

All your questions you may address to our specialists by phone +7(495)9887105, e-mail, or directly to the head of Department of air transportation and customs registration, Mr. Nikolay Vlasyuk: +7 (495)9887105, +7(925)0109928 or